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session information-



what to wear? 

Your outfits are one of the most important elements of a great photo session! For family or group sessions, clothing should be coordinated as much as possible. Clothing should be simple and comfortable. Most people say that their favorite clothes are jeans, khaki's, white, black or neutral colored shirts, sundresses, gowns, hats and bare feet!


Large, busy prints like plaid, stripes and patterns do not photograph well. If you do have a pattern make sure that it does not collide with another pattern on another family member. I’ll be checking in with you to chat about clothing choices. In some cases, your location choice may not blend well with your clothing choice! Try not to forget about shoes and socks too! Make sure they match the outfit!


It’s a great idea to plan the outfits a few weeks before the session. Lay them out or try them on everyone and step back to take a look. Once you’re happy with your choices, make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free, then set them aside for your session! You're all set! 



a few things to remember...


I like to photograph natural smiles and candid moments. I try to capture your family as if you were together on a normal day! I promise to make your day fun and easy! I'll try to not put you in awkward poses or tell you to give me overly cheesy smiles. I feel as though photographs should capture the natural moment. You should never have look back at a photograph and think to yourself "I remember that pose, I was so uncomfortable." or "I look so awkward in that picture!" 


Also remember, if you or a family member are not feeling well, please do not hesitate to call me to reschedule! Your session will go much smoother if everyone feels great and little ones are well rested! So... Just relax! A photography session is your time to feel pampered and special! You'll be able to remember that time in your life forever just by glancing at a photograph! 



before your session...


After I have received your session fee, we will start planning your session! We can meet in person, e-mail or phone call. I will keep track of the weather and depending on our location, I will decide if we need to move your appointment earlier, later, or if we need to reschedule your appointment. I will send you a text and/or e-mail to remind you of your session a day or two beforehand. If you feel that you need to reschedule at any point before your session, please let me know as soon as possible so we may get you the next best time and place. (A rescheduling fee may be charged if you need to reschedule the same day of your session.)


I usually arrive at the location an hour ahead of time to map out the sun and find the best possible locations for your session. I always keep my phone on me in case you're running late or get lost. So, feel free to call/text me! 

after your session...


Within 1-3 days of your session I will post a few sneak peeks of your photographs to my Facebook page. It will then take me about 2-3 weeks to complete the editing of your photographs. In the meantime feel free to use your sneak peeks as your cover and/or profile photo! I just kindly ask that you do not crop out my watermark or alter the coloration of the photos using social media software. Referrals are the highest form of a compliment to me! So please, if you love your photos, share them!

AJS Photo Studio
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